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The FSX Diesel Particulate Cleaning System is the proven solution for preventing downtime, DPF failure, and unnecessary fuel costs. This system consists of four machines designed to test, clean and diagnose all makes and models of DPFs and DOCs.



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Cylinder Block Work

Align Boring, Block Boring, Block Honing, Decking/Resurfacing, Hone with Torque Plate, Magnafluxing, Parelleling, Pressure Testing, 4-Bolt Main Conversion


Cylinder Head Work

Cylinder Head Repair, Guide Work, Magnafluxing, Pressure Testing, Resurfacing, Seat Work, Valve Grinding


Rotating Assembly

Crank Grinding & Polishing, Engine Balancing, Piston Flycutting, Rod Reconditioning, Wrist Pin Fitting


Other Services

Complete Engine Building (Heavy-Duty, Auto, Performance), Broken Stud/Bolt Removal, Manifold Resurfacing, Performance Work, Block & Head Crack Repair, Kind Pin & Axle Repair


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Driveline Services


  • Driveshafts Shortened & Lengthened
  • 1,2,3 Piece Drive Shaft Balancing
  • Flywheels Machines
  • Pilot Bearing Repair
  • Walking Beams
  • Ring Gears
  • Axle Bearings Pressed
  • Press Work
  • Rotor & Drum Repair
  • Aluminum Drive Shaft Repair


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