Gregory's Fleet Supply has been in business for over 50 years! Run as a family owned and operated corporation we truly believe that our foundation was built by our long-standing customers who have become like family to our company. Without the support from our valued customers and industry suppliers Gregory's Fleet Supply couldn't have made it for more than half a century!

Since starting his career at McLean Auto Supply in 1945, our founder, Mr. Claude Gregory, Jr has built upon his dream since 1965 when the original Gregory's Fleet Supply opened on Virginia Beach Blvd. Since then we have added two additional shops under our roof; Gregory's Machine Shop and Gregory's Driveshaft Division. Now located at 4984 Cleveland Street, Mr. Gregory still oversees the day-to-day operations with a smile on his face and a friendly word for everyone.


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VALUES Running Gregory's Fleet Supply as a family-owned and operated business ensures we pass those same core values on to our customers. You can trust that when you come to us we will provide top quality service and support in all areas of our business.



RELIABILITY We strive to reliably meet our customers needs in an efficient and timely manner whether answering the phone, returning a parts request or order just what you're looking for, Gregory's Fleet Supply prides ourselves on providing these services and more quickly and efficiently.


CONSISTENCY Gregory's Fleet Supply provides consistently accurate parts and services in every situation. Whether you're looking for a brand new part, used part or even one that's been out of commission for a while, we will put in considerable effort into finding just what you need. Consistency is what has kept Gregory's Fleet Supply in business for over 50 years and what we will continue to provide for decades more.


PROGRESS Although we have built our foundation on years of hard work and dedication just as Mr. Gregory did as he grew in business, we believe in moving forward with the times and staying up to date on the new services and offerings provided by our suppliers. We are a part of HDA and the Virginia Trucking Association to keep updated on new lines, products, services and more so we can pass along only the best to our customers.