Automated Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

• Most filters are cleaned in less than an hour


• Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance...

Reduces Downtime

• Reduces DPF Failure

• Reduces Runaway Fuel Costs


Gregory's Fleet Supply is one of the few Service Providers in the Tidewater Area to offer preventative DPF Cleaning

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DPF Brochure


TrapBlasterTM Pneumatic DPF Cleaner


• The flagship of the FSX line, the TrapBlaster cleans filters better than competing designs

• The ONLY process capable of cleaning filters from both sides  ensuring optimum filter life.

• Fully automatic operation for a consistent clean


TrapTesterTM Air Flow Test Bench


• TrapTester Test Bench is used as the industry standard measuring device by OEM's nationwide.

• Specifically calibrated for measuring DPF cleaning success

• Identifies defective filters for optimum safety


TrapBurnerTM Thermal Cleaner


• TrapBurner regulates the air flow during heating to reduce the risk of filter cracking or other thermal stress factors

• 100% Soot Burn-Off


SootSuckerTM Dust Collector


• Powerful dust collector designed to capture soot and ash particulate released during the cleaning in the TrapBlaster